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I can't keep quiet about this any longer: you have this groovey website, great taste in music, cars, clothes and everything else, you write well, you take cool photos, live in cool places, take great trips, and you're the single best-looking guy I have ever seen...

Damn. I mean, damn.


Best looking? Don't let the compliments go to your head!
You've forgotten the best link of all this week.

Erich Ian

Keep spreading the word, you crazy fools.


The word is being spread more everyday, I feel.


i agreee with any1 dissin ems mom power 2 the soldiers if i wer known by dr. or shady records id rap and get famouse off dissin u just die already


This should be given to every history and social studies student in the country! Search Google http://www.google.com/


I found your site while searching on Yahoo for examples of blogs. I am trying to start my own and I'm trying to learn how this works.
Search Google http://www.google.com/

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